Season One, Episode One – Pay It Forward


Challenge 1: Keep The Change – Although not the first challenge ever filmed, Keep The Change becomes the first one ever to count in the win/loss column for the Jokers. The goal is to get a tip while working as cashiers at White Castle. With the direction of the thumb in the fate of random customers, there is little the Jokers can do with this one to control their own fate.

Thumbs up – Joe, Murr, Q

Thumbs down – Sal (1)

Toughest turn: This is a toss up between Murr and Q, but Murr’s “hung like a slider” line narrowly edges out Q’s 51-second freeze job. Both get thumbs up, and a job well done.

Easiest turn: Joe’s turn consists of talking loudly (his speciality), and an awkward, but doable, looking away from a customer during conversation. An easy win, and he’ll take it.

Challenge 2: Sign Here – A battle to see who can get the most amount of signatures for a fake cause. This is another challenge that is not entirely up to the Joker (refuse or lose situation), but a shining personality can make a difference. Each one had a number of awful causes.

Thumbs up – Sal, Joe

Thumbs down – Q (1), Murr (1)

Challenge 3: Too Much Information – Finally, we get into our first refuse and lose challenge. This is where a Joker can really earn his punishment. Of course, the others can set him up with a brutal line, and single handedly ruin his day.

Thumbs up – Murr, Sal, Q

Thumbs down – Joe (1)

Toughest turn: – Q passes a number of difficult tests here, including telling a guy (in front of his fiancé) about where to catch strippers, tossing some lady’s expensive pen, and walking away with a group’s camera. Full kudos.

Turning point?: – Joe loses the challenge by refusing to say the word “circumcision” in front of a woman. This is probably our most earned thumbs down on the night. Will it cost him? You’d have to think if he gets punished, he’ll always regret that one.

Challenge 4: Worst Cashiers Ever – In the middle of a four way tie, we get a refuse or lose cashier challenge to decide the loser’s fate. Can’t ask for anything better than that. The Jokers must sense that everything is on the line, as each one gets hit with their most awkward challenges and lines of the episode. The only one to fail is Sal, who gets done in by a tampon joke. Not an easy situation, but the other Jokers overcome some difficult stuff to saddle Sal with the loss of the challenge and episode.


Sal loses a close episode 2/1/1/1 and his punishment is having to pick up dog crap, and hold it for 20 seconds. Making the gross punishment a bit simpler, Sal is able to wear a glove on the hand he uses. In all honesty, the worst part of this punishment is having to explain to the dog’s owner why he’s doing it.

Brutal scale – 2/10 

Did the punishment fit the crime? Yes

Sal lost episode 1:1 by not receiving a tip at White Castle (out of his control), and refusing a relatively difficult line in Costco. One could argue that he actually received a pretty tame punishment for bowing out on a refuse to lose challenge (as opposed to something more luck based). This punishment did not exceed the circumstances for the loss, and thus, the punishment fits the crime.

Classic Quotes:

“Good morrow’ sir, and welcome to the Castle of White!” – Q

“Who caked the bucket?” – Murr

“Don’t call me mustache” – Q’s victim



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